What Recession? A shopper’s nirvana in West Chester

When is Heidi Klum most likely to be on the set? How do those ankle bracelets and skin-care systems get OKed by quality-control experts?  What is Rick Domeier’s favorite movie?

Learn these and other facts about the fascinating world of round-of-clock shopping on QVC’s popular daily tours. Friendly guides share behind-the-scene anecdotes and blooper videos (everything is live), then lead you past the color-coordinated product warehouse, the audio-visual computer nerve center, and a cool observation deck overlooking the studio sets, where you might glimpse Klum, Isaac Mizrahi (a Philly native) or other celebrity hawkers.

Now is the time to visit QVC’s thriving West Chester headquarters, before the summer crowds arrive. No reservations are needed, but tours (5 per day beginning at 10:30) are limited to 20 people and often fill up in July and August. If you really want to submerse yourself in home shopping, try the deluxe three-hour tour, given most Fridays; it’s $75 a person and includes lunch in the Studio Park Commissary and visits to the green room where celebs chill before going on camera. All tours include a coupon to use in the large, attractive gift shop, which stocks all kinds of QVC items from jewelry and beauty products to Marie Osmond dolls. You will probably leave here wondering, What Recession?

A tip: QVC is in the same business complex as the American Helicopter Museum, so there’s always the option of sending your kids and spouse there, while you shop without interference. Or make it a double outing and hit both of these worthy places in one trip.

Another tip: Dads get in free to QVC on Father’s Day, June 17. Cost is usually $7.50 per person.

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