Alexander Hamilton’s Philadelphia

Can’t make it to Puerto Rico for Lin-Manuel Miranda’s reprisal of Hamilton?
Check out the next best thing: a 5,000-square-foot exhibit on the Founding Father’s time in Philadelphia. It covers his first duel, work as the nation’s first banker, notorious affair with Maria Reynolds, and other key elements of the award-winning Broadway musical. Kids will love the step-by-step demos of artillery firings (volunteers welcome) and the hands-on “Balance of Power” exhibit, which invites them to weigh in on the power shifts between the federal and state governments based on which blocks of powers they put on a scale.

“Hamilton Was Here: Rising up in Revolutionary Philadelphia” runs through March 19 at the Museum of the American Revolution in Old City.

Still can’t get enough of the self-taught orphan from the Caribbean? A few blocks away, the National Constitution Center has extended the run of “Hamilton: The Constitutional Clashes That Shaped a Nation” exhibit through 2019. which explores his prolific writings and impact on the Constitution.

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